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Record Rehearsals for $10

March 31, 2010

We just invested in a Zoom H2 digital recorder that will allow you to record your band practice sessions. The Zoom is available for rent $10 per session and you walk away with about 10 songs burned onto a disc. 

These tracks are great for critiquing your sound, emailing to your friends, or adding “live” tracks to your MySpace. This is NOT CD quality recording.

The Zoom is available on a first come, first serve basis, so if you are interested be sure to reserve it when you book.

Call 425-SCRS (7277) to book today.

$10 Rehearsal Session Special

March 29, 2010

New mid-week special.  $10 per hour on studios 2, 3, 4.

Monday – Thursday from 10 AM – 5 PM only. No hourly minimum.

Perfect for students/instructors or bands that have flexible schedules.

Tips for Local Bands on How to Book The Crows Nest

March 26, 2010

How to book a show at The Crows Nest

The Crows Nest
2218 East Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA

All Ages &  21 + depending on show

Booking contact: Blaine Neagley 

Preferred method of contact: Receiving a bio/photo/band history and CD. You can drop the package off at the hostess station anytime, or mail to Blaine at the Crows Nest address.

Timing: The Crows Nest is booking about 3 months in advance.

Days: Live music booked Wednesday – Saturday (Sunday is reserved for Comedy)

Genres: rock n’ roll, oldies, soul, reggae. Weekday nights the venue is open to edgier bands that draw a younger crowd.

Capacity: 180 + two outdoor decks (so 200+ total)

Payment: Weeknights bands get 100% of the door ($5 cover) up to $300. Weekends and beach party bands received a negotiated guarantee.

Equipment: The Crows Nest has a complete PA system, mics and stands. They do not provide a sound engineer and bands should bring their own backline.

Booking Guidelines:

The Crows Nests likes to stick with local bands; you won’t see many touring acts competing for slots.

New bands usually start out on Thursday nights to test their draw. If the band does well on a few weeknights, they will be moved up to a weekend slot. If the band continues to impress, they will be considered for a summer beach party night.

Sunday is designated for comedy. If you are not a comedy act, don’t try to book on a Sunday.

Full text to my Crow’s Nest blog lives on The Good Times Making Noise blog.

Western Skylarks/Grand Opening Video

March 20, 2010

Awesome video of the Western Skylarks performing at our grand opening last month.

Lounging Around – How to book a show at the Cypress Lounge

March 12, 2010


The Cypress Lounge
120 Union Street
Santa Cruz, CA

All Ages or  21 + depending on show

Booking contact: Ashton Hodge 

Preferred method of contact: Email or drop off a press kit and CD in person daily after 4 PM.

Timing: The Cypress Lounge is booking about 3 months in advance for Friday/Saturday night slots. Less advance notice is needed for Tuesday/Wednesday night slots.

Days: Live music booked almost every day of the week.

Genres: Reggae, funk, blues, light rock, lounge, DJ

Capacity: 200

Payment: For up and coming bands, The Cypress Lounge will give bands 10% of sales for the duration of their show (no door cover charged). Once a band is more established and has a proven draw, a larger percentage can be negotiated.

Equipment: The Cypress Lounge provides speakers and amps.  The band is responsible for bringing a sound board, mics, stands and any other essentials they need. 

Food: As a courtesy The Cypress Lounge provides a $50 drink/meal credit to the band. 

Booking Guidelines:

When you email an inquiry include the following information:

  • Band name
  • Website/MySpace
  • Genre
  • Influences
  • Are you looking for a weekday or weekend slot (remember, you have to EARN a weekend slot!).
  • Three references (even if it is just your mom’s birthday party, let them know the last 3 places you played)

Tuesday/Wednesday nights the music permit is only until 10 PM so all shows start early and typically run from about 7-10 PM. Less established bands should target these weeknights. If you can draw 40+ people on a Tues/Wed night, the venue will consider moving you up to a weekend spot the next time around.

Thursday is reggae night. If you are not a reggae act, don’t try to book on a Thursday.

Friday/Saturday are primetime and your band should be able to draw at least 150 out to the show. Music permits go later on the weekend, so your show can start later and doesn’t have to end until 1 AM (space closes at 1:30 AM on the weekend).

The space is also open to group parties, events and showcases. They have hosted everything from Mardi Gras costume party to an upcoming Cirque de Sol style aerial event.

Original Good Times Making Noise Blog Post can be viewed HERE.

Love Letter – How Bands Should Write an Inquiry Letter to Book a Show

March 5, 2010

This is the second in my series for the Good Times Making Noise blog.  Below is some additional information to my original post on how to write a booking inquiry.

Dear (Insert venue booker name here),

ABC band is interested in booking ABC venue on June 4.

Best Practice: Included you band name and the date you want to book right away. You can also give a date range if you are working on routing your tour. For example – We are interested in playing ABC venue during the month of June, June 4 is our ideal date, but we would also be in the area between June 7-20.

We are a four-piece band (guitars, bass, drums, vocals) with a female lead singer.

Best Practice: Give your 30 second “elevator pitch”. Pretend you are in an elevator with someone you just met, they ask you about your band and you need to explain it in 30 seconds.

We have been described as power pop and trash-rock revivalists. Our music could be compared to early Kinks or the Strokes.

Best Practice: Categorizing your band and/or sound is a necessary evil. You need to give people some sort of frame of reference to help them assess you as a potential act. Even if your band goes on to win a Grammy, it will still be in a category, so best to pick one now.

You can listen to song samples at or

Best Practice: All bands should have a MySpace page. Many bookers will go straight to MySpace to check out your song samples. Giving them a direct link will just speed up the process. Also provide links to any other meaningful press or reviews.

Our last show was on Monday, January 12, and we drew 50 people to the ABC Bar. If we play a weekend night, we are confident we will draw more than 100 people.

Best Practice: Give concrete examples. Even if you do not have previous shows to mention, reference the last house party you played or how much money you made the last time you played a street corner – something to let the booker know that you have an audience.

We have a local Santa Cruz mailing list of 100 contacts as well as a MySpace page with 500 fans, a Facebook page with 200 fans and 50 followers on Twitter.

We will have a flier produced within two weeks of our show confirmation. We will print 100 copies and distribute them to local record stores, coffee shops and UC Santa Cruz.

Best Practice: Let the booker know exactly what you will do for them to help promote the show. The more invested you are in the success of the show; the better it will work for everyone. Also include any creative marketing ideas or examples you might have.

We have a relationship with A SECOND band and A THIRD band and feel that we would make a powerful package that will sell out your venue.

Best Practice: If you have relationships with like-minded bands let the venue know. If you can help them build a package for the entire night, you just made their job a lot easier.

We appreciate your consideration and would be happy to bring by our current CD and press kit if you are interested.

Thanks, ABC Band
Contact Info
Band Website

If you have a SC Music question you would like me to investigate – email me

Young Performers Showcase

March 4, 2010

Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios has donated some rehearsal time to this awesome organization working to support local music programs in the Santa Cruz City Schools. We are really excited about this event and hope to see you there!

If you have a cause you would like us to lend support to. Please email and let us know.

Saturday, March 20 @ 7:30: A benefit concert to raise money to support music programs in the Santa Cruz City Schools, the Young Performers Showcase is a review of talented, young local performing artists, ages 13-28.

Performers include the rising star rock trio Almost Chaos, singer and dancers Camille Castro and her sisters, Musicscool All-Stars featuring James Durbin, D.S.R. and Co. Dance Crew, Harbor High Cheerleaders, jugglers Noah and Robin, singer/songwriter Tess Dunn, Dancenter Hip Hop Crew, singer Alysha Antonino, Guest MC Sven Davis and house band, ROMP, from Planet Cruz Comedy Hour and a special performance by Grammy Award nominee Tammi Brown.

This program was developed by a small group of Santa Cruz business professionals concerned about the steadily declining budget for music programs in the schools. They decided to “put on a show” as a fundraiser to supplement state and local funding sources. Studies confirm that children who are exposed to music and music performance in schools show many benefits including increased academic performance, self-esteem, concentration, self-expression and connectedness to school.

Please join us for an enjoyable evening of family entertainment and help support music in the schools. There will also be a “50/50” Raffle and Silent Auction of valuable prizes.

Show time: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $8 for Students; $20 for Adults; $40 for Gold Circle seating and are available at Streetlight Records, Rio Theatre Box Office (night of show only) and Ticketweb