S.C.U.M Fest 2010 * Free Metal Festival * Saturday, June 19

A Cursed /Grimpire/Morketiden Event

S.C.U.M. Fest 2010  (Santa Cruz Underground Metal)

First ever S.C.U.M. Fest in Watsonville, CA
Saturday, June 19th
11 am  – 11pm.
 142 smith rd Watsonville, CA 95076
the Santa Cruz County metal bands and some out-of-town guests will descend upon the “Cursed Stage” and the “Grimpire Stage” for the biggest metal party in this county’s history. 
Help support the show and the Santa Cruz metal scene by pledging by Sunday, June 6.
The S.C.U.M. Fest Line-up (headliners listed first) are on
 Grimpire Stage (Stage1)  Cursed Stage (Stage 2)
 1. A Band of Orcs  1. Fiends at Feast
 2. WarCorpse  2. The Blackest Covet
 3. The Backup Razor  3. Yautlan
 4. Sexciety  4. Teraton
 5. Eviscerate  5. Zaticoy
 6. Thirty9Fingers  6. Pride Subject
 7. Kha’Nos  7. Counter Clockwise
 8. Accion Terrorista  8. Wretched Remains
 9. VX 36  9. Disengorified
10. Necrotic Avulsion  10. 3 Lunas
   11. Immoralizer

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