Fast and Loose in the Good Times Today


Fast and Loose: Local Rock Photography
Sometimes the best action isn’t in the mosh pit but, rather, in the photography pit. If you’re lucky enough to get close, or you’ve got a mighty camera that takes you where you want to go from a distance, onstage antics can be frozen for your reminiscing pleasures. But technology or not, it’s the eye of the maestro manning the camera that matters most. Check out the work of local rock photographers who’ve transferred the adrenaline and emotion of live concerts to film. A collection of images spanning local stars to musicians around the Bay Area, “Fast and Loose” exhibits the power of photography as a silent bridge between performer and audience. Catch the steely snaps of Peter Angelo Saporito, Vanessa Lucas, Cat Johnson, Brian Crabtree and Tim Cattera on the walls of the Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios throughout the month of July. Opening reception with tastes and tunes is Friday, July 2. Rock out with your zoom lens out. | LK
INFO: 6-9 p.m. Friday, July 2. Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios, 118 Coral St., Santa Cruz. Free. 425-7277.

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