Santa Cruz Kickstarter Campaigns

Fan funding is all the rage these days and we’ve noticed a few Santa Cruz bands getting in on the action. Check out these local Kickstarter pages if you’d like to see how a few of our local acts are taking their projects straight to the fans.

audiafauna – campaign audiafauna’s first full length album

audiafauna’s goal is to raise $8000 by February 1 in order to begin their recording early next year. As of this blog post, they already had 58 backers and at $4863 raised, they are well on their way to reaching their goal.

Shane Klein – campaign Co-create an album with me

In early 2011 Shane hopes to record his debut album.  His goal is to raise $17,000 to sustain himself and his family while also funding his actual recording expenses. As of this blog post, with only 5 backers and $745 raised, he has a ways to go to meet his goal in the next 21 days.

What is Fan Funding? [excerpted from The Musicians Guide to Fan Funding]

Fan-funding (or crowdfunding) is the simple concept of empowering the fans to raise money for you- to FUND your project. Typically this is done through an incentive system, in which the artist will set a monetary goal, and has a set amount of time to reach said goal. There are then different levels of rewards that vary based on the amount a fan contributes towards the project.

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