Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios are owned and operated by Paul and Jennifer Gallacher.

Paul has worked in the music business for the past eleven years. He began in 1998 as a luthier’s apprentice with Carruthers’ Guitars in Venice, CA, learning the basics of stringed instrument construction and antique refinishing from a master luthier. In 2003, he started his six-year career with the Santa Cruz Guitar Company where he became a manager of the finish and final assembly departments. Paul has also been an on-call security staff member of the Fillmore Auditorium and the Warfield Theater since 2001. As the bass player of bands in L.A. and San Francisco, Paul regularly practiced at hourly rehearsal studios in both cities. Upon moving to Santa Cruz, he found these services unavailable, thus sparking the idea for Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios.

Jennifer has worked in the music business for the past 9 years at local record company Dancing Cat Productions. As the director of marketing and promotion she has coordinated over 15 new album releases with Sony Music for recording artist George Winston as well as various Hawaiian slack key guitar artists. She also has extensive experience booking and promoting concerts as well as creating marketing campaigns and launching new products. Prior to joining Dancing Cat, Jennifer worked in the action sports industry promoting surf/snow/skate events.


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