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Asana Tea House Open Mic

May 31, 2010

Tuesday Night Open Mic
Asana Tea House
103 Lincoln st, Santa Cruz.
7:00pm – 9:30pm

Per Asana: Generally slots are open and flowing, so if you want to perform for the house please just come on down and let the host know. He will make sure you get to play. Slots are generally around 15 minutes long.

This is primarily an acoustic event. Full electric bands are encouraged to size down to an acoustic set. There will be a PA system and a single acoustic amp provided! Just bring yourselves and be ready for a beautiful evening.

This event is hosted by the Santa Cruz Superfoods Co op.

Corralitos Concert 2010 – Band Wanted!

May 28, 2010

This was listed on Craig’s List yesterday so it may still be available. This also just looks like a great show to check out.

We need a band for Sunday, May 30, 2010, to play a short 90 minute set, from 10am to 11:30am. Prefer bluegrass, jazz, swing, acoustic, blues, etc….. Will be opening act for Corralitos Concert 2010 at the Corralitos Grange Hall, with the Western Skylarks, Steve’s Jazz Kitchen, and the Shawn Maderios Group. There is a stage inside with lots of room, ok electricity, no PA system. Grange seats 300 max but will be set up for less. Pays $50 a head, cash monies, no roadies, groupies, agents, included, just band players.

Accordion players have to pay us $50. You also get a free lunch while there from Cafe Ella (no cat food sandwiches here) and a complimentary beverage from either the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery, or the Alfaro Family Vineyards and Winery.

This is a free concert open to the public, and a non-profit fund raiser for the Corralitos Cultural Center artists. The annual Corralitos Padres Pancake Breakfast, also takes place in the morning at the Corralitos Community Center nearby, with thousands of local residents in attendance. There is also an all day Art Exhibit next door, which will draw additional visitors through out the day. See our ad in this week’s Good Times.
Reply with a brief description, type of music, number of band members, how long playing, YouTube link if any, and contact information.
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Good Times Santa Cruz – ART SEEN

May 27, 2010

Stacie Willoughby ART SEEN
Just like music makes the body dance, the presence of music in the dancing lines of Stacie Willoughby’s fluidly ebullient drawings is undeniable. A local artist, Willoughby’s silent outbursts of color don the streets, venues and shops of Santa Cruz via concert posters that transfer the atmospheric elements of songs onto paper. Psychedelic, bold, wispy, whispery, entangling. Such are the types of descriptive words one could apply to the work of an artist whose muse is often the sound being advertised. While her illustrations (made by pens, pencils, markers and more) are usually catching eyes sporadically around town, Willoughby will be exhibiting a collection of her work in one spot, Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios, for the month of June. An opening reception with drinks, nibbles and, of course, live music will honor the artist and her striking images next Friday, June 4. You’ve seen the art, now meet the artist. | Linda Koffman
INFO: 6-9 p.m. Friday, June 4. Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios, 118 Coral St., Santa Cruz. Free. 425-7277.

First Friday / Noise Before the Show / Poster Art of Stacie Willoughby

May 24, 2010



First Friday – Friday, June 4  
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios
118 Coral St, off River
Featuring the poster art of Stacie Willoughby.
About the Artist:
Excerpted from an amazing article on Stacie by Cat Johnson (found here – Eerily Engaging: The Work of Stacie Willoughby).
If you’ve been in or around the Bay Area music scene anytime in the last decade, you have almost certainly encountered Willoughby’s work. She has produced a steady stream of posters for shows ranging from small, last-minute house shows to huge, multi-day festivals in the forest, and everything in between. The scope of her portfolio is mind-boggling; page after page of posters, announcing performances by some of the most interesting and cred-heavy artists around, including Will Oldham, Fleet Foxes, Stephen Malkmus, Bert Jansch, Sleepy Sun, Mudhoney, Black Francis and Animal Collective; and that’s just scratching the surface. Willoughby is, quite literally, identifying, furthering and documenting an era of music.


10 Things I Learned at the SF MusicTech Summit

May 17, 2010

  1. If you are in a band and you have a CD – read SoundExchanges New Artist Checklist. Make sure you are registered with SoundExchange, otherwise you are just leaving money on the table.
  2. Submit your music to Pandora, AccRadio,  – these audiences are growing as consumers continue to demand personalization and control that terrestrial radio is not providing. In the future, Pandora will also unveil a “Pandora for artists” where the principal focus will translate what goes on with artists into something of value for the audience. For example, you could give a song a thumbs up and then Pandora could let you know that band is actually playing in your area on XYZ date.
  3. Viral videos are one of the most exciting things happening in music right now. YouTube allows artists to collaborate over space and time. One of the beautiful things about YouTube videos is that they are usually not so edited. They provide a record of an event. An amazing example is Pomplamoose Music  who just bought a house from their record sales all developed through their YouTube channel.
  4. Ben Folds is super rad. When asked how artists would interact with even newer technologies he simply said “I don’t know”, followed closely by my personal favorite quote of the day “10 years ago we all seemed to know what was coming next and that is why it came to an end.”
  5. Cisco Media Solutions Group has a new artist website platform called Eos which Warner Music Group is rolling out with their artists (currently 35 sites launched to date). Ryan Garner from Warner admitted that in the past artist websites where primarily a new album promo tool that died quickly after and album was released. The next phase of artist website is built to last and become its own meaningful channel. Warner partnered with Cisco so they didn’t have to try to reinvent the technology wheel that Cisco had already mastered. Best piece of take away from Garner was that fans what to “feel like the artist goes to their website”. They achieved this by building in an easy system for artists to upload mobile phone photos, videos, tweets – making that fresh, straight from the artist content front and center. Focusing on actual two way conversations between artist and fan.
  6. Pledge Music  is a new platform that provides fans and artists the opportunity to work together to make new records and raise money for charity. Unlike similar platforms, founder Benji Rogers councils bands to “never ask fans for money”, instead tell them why this is the best way for them to be involved with your music. Currently fans spend an average of $92 in pledges. Utilizing a platform like this is another way to compete with the fact that essentially all music is already free (so you are adding value with you engage the fan in the process of making the music and also involve a meaningful charity).
  7. Music Hack Day  is happening all over the word. The one in San Francisco resulted in 35 apps created in 24 hrs. The party favorite has got to be Six Degrees of Black Sabbath.
  8. I had no idea there was a top level .music domain name “initiative” but you can sign the petition at their website –
  9. Next Big Sound is doing truly insane things with artist data and right now you can check out their new premier service for free here. If you are artist, you NEED to be using this service. The premier service with allow you to view social music data alongside traditional sales/radio data, traffic to an artist’s website Google Analytics, press mentions, blog mentions, live performances, and chart appearances. All in one place. Umm – yes please.
  10. If you don’t own an iPhone or an iPad, do not go to a tech conference in San Francisco. Lucky for me I just purchased my first iPhone a few weeks ago so I was all good, but seriously, Apple owned the room.

PS. Bonus buzz word = freemium

Freemium is a business model that works by offering basic Web services, or a basic downloadable digital product, for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features. The word “freemium” is a portmanteau created by combining the two aspects of the business model: “free” and “premium”. The business model has gained popularity with Web 2.0 companies.

If You Play It, They Won’t Just Come

May 17, 2010

Full text of this blog is found on my Good Times Making Noise blog.

Here are some Santa Cruz specific outlets to promote your show through:

Postering (printing and distribution):
Clutch Couriers

Santa Cruz D.I.Y
Weekend Santa Cruz

Daily Papers:
Santa Cruz Sentinel – Add your event on thier calendar and check out which music writer covers your genre.

Weekly Papers:
Good Times
Santa Cruz Weekly
City on a Hill (UCSC)
The Voice (Cabrillo College)
The Valley Post
Connection Magazine
Press Banner

Monthly Magazines
Your Music Magazine
831 Magazine
Santa Cruz Magazine

KZSC (email calender listings to

Event Websites


I would suggest following and sending your show info to the following (but if you do, make sure your show is on thier calendars first).

@LocalMusicVibe Launch Party – Thursday, May 13

May 10, 2010

Santa Cruz,’s own, the only events search engine powered by your interests, will launch Thursday during a free show at The Crepe Place .

Featuring local bands Wooster (Santa Cruz) and Yung Mars (San Francisco), the show will be free to the public and include raffle prizes such as iPods and T-shirts. The launch party will coincide with the release of The Crepe Place’s new web site, built by Lyon Bros. Enterprises and powered by events. is a new service that allows people to post, search and share events based completely on their interests. Events are “tagged” with descriptive words, allowing people to quickly filter through the local events listing by clicking on one or more interests. This unique interest search makes it easy for people to post and find events that wouldn’t fit into the few pre-defined categories on other events sites. is an ad-free experience that aims to get people off the web, into their communities and having fun with their lives.

Beeets enables local groups, including music venues, sports teams and community organizations, to have a central place to post and manage their events, not only on the Beeets website, but on their own websites as well. Using the simple drop-in Beeets Widget, organizations can pull their events listing from into their own sites. The Beeets Widget makes it easy to maintain an up-to-date list of events on any web site, and also allows people with similar interests to easily find these events on

Play My Favorite Song – Tips on How to Book at Show at the Seabright Brewery and the Wharf House

May 4, 2010

Full text of this blog is found at the Good Times Making Noise site.

Seabright Brewery
519 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-426-BREW (2739)

Wharf House Restaurant
1400 Wharf Road at the end of the Capitola Wharf
Capitola, California 95010

  • Booking contact:  Michelle Rossi

Mailing Address
4165 Portola Dr
Santa Cruz CA, 95062
(831) 475-9197

  • Preferred method of contact: Mail or drop off a press kit and CD. The most important thing to include is a set list so Michelle can see what kind of music you will be doing for four hours. You can call to follow-up.
  • Timing: Booking about 2 months in advance.  
  • Days:  Friday nights
  • Genres: R&B is hot right now. Upbeat, danceable. Blues, Classic rock. Cover songs that people recognize. Open to all good music though. Michelle looks for a quark about the band, something special that sets you apart.
  • Capacity: Can fit more people in the summer when the weather is good and people can use the outside area at the Brewery.
  • Payment: Varies and will be negotiated with Michelle in advance.
  • Equipment: Bring your own.
  • Stage area? How many members fit comfortably?
  • Typical show start time? Show starts at 6:30 and goes until about 10:30
  • Booking mostly local or touring bands? All local within a three hour driving distance. Michelle likes to be able to have bands that the crowd loves back again (which is much harder with touring bands that are not often in the area).

SCUM Fest – Saturday, May 8 – 2 PM – 10 PM

May 3, 2010

Santa Cruz Underground Music presents SCUMfest!  Performances will be at SubRosa and the Bike Church

A FREE, all-day concert which showcases the local music of Santa Cruz, with performances by:



While this is a free event, all donations made at the door will benefit the SubRosa Infoshop and The Bike Church. There will also be opportunities to donate to La Fabrica and The Santa Cruz Needle Exchange.

Please respect the spaces which are hosting, and remember that this is a drug-free/booze-free event. You can be a good guest and still have a good time.

Accroding to the SCUM Facebook page, the list above represents the bands currently confirmed to play, and may be subject to change. However, they are no longer accepting applications.

SCUM (Santa Cruz Underground Music) is a loosely organized group of folks interested in booking and promoting DIY shows, networking and gathering resources, supporting each other in musical and artistic endeavors, and building a culturally rich community. SCUM meetings are the first Saturday of the month at 3pm at 107 Blackburn and the third Sunday of the month at 3pm at 215 Storey. Bring snacks and ideas if you have them!